PHEV2007 Conference:
“Where the Grid Meets the Road”

The Plug-in Highway Network invites you to PHEV2007 conference to be held on November 1 to 2, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The conference will focus on the range of opportunities and challenges that Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle (PHEV) present for sustainable transportation. It will provide a forum for collaboration amongst industry, academia, utilities, governments and institutions to understand how PHEV technologies integrate into current and future transportation systems and the electrical power grid.

The conference will focus in part on:

  • establishing a Canadian network of researchers focused on PHEV related issues,
  • focus on the simulation of advanced vehicles to optimize the effective use of renewable resources,
  • reviewing on-going demonstrations PHEV project across North America, and
  • discussion of the possible role of Canadian government in supporting PHEV development.

Conference highlights include:

  • workshop to create a network of Canadian researchers focused on PHEV and PEV,
  • review of on-going PHEV and PEV demonstrations in North America,
  • tour of New Flyer hybrid bus manufacturing plant (attendance limited),
  • courses on simulation of vehicles by leading experts,
  • public PHEV forum to help educate the public at large (Download Brochure),
  • development of a PHEV bus demonstration project using B100 as part of the Plugin Highway program, and
  • display of PHEV vehicles and batteries.

If you have a keen interest in PHEV and sustainable transportation, we hope that you will join us.

To become a sponsor, please contact the conference co-chairs. Categories include: Platinum – $20,000, Gold – $10,000, Silver – $5,000, Bronze – under $5,000, and special events – $1000.

If you want to display a PHEV product at the convention center, please email the Vehicle Demonstrations Coordinator

PHEV2007 in the news

  • PHEVs and PHEV 2007 at Climate conference
  • Book an interview for a documentary… The host and director of Driving Change a documentary about how to build an electric car, will be avialable at the conference with a cameraman and looking to interview those in the industry about battery technology, plug-in hybrids (both of commercial manufacture and home conversion), consumer acceptance, and other related topics.