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An accumulator is a term commonly used in computer programming and mathematics to refer to a variable that stores the sum of successive values. However, it is not the only term used to describe this concept. There are a few other terms that can be used as synonyms for accumulator.

One of the common synonyms for accumulator is “sum.” The word “sum” implies the act of adding or combining multiple values together, which is exactly what an accumulator does. When the values are added or combined, the result is stored in the accumulator variable.

Another related term is “total.” The word “total” carries the meaning of the entire amount or quantity, and an accumulator can be seen as keeping track of the total value of a series of numbers or calculations. It is a convenient way to keep a running total as more values are added.

One more synonym for accumulator is “aggregator.” The word “aggregator” suggests the act of collecting or gathering information or data from different sources. In the context of programming or mathematics, an accumulator can be seen as an aggregator of values, collecting and accumulating them into a single variable.

Another synonym for accumulator is

An accumulator is a related word for other terms, such as a totalizer or a summing unit.

Other term for accumulator is

Another name for accumulator is:

– Storage

– Reservoir

– Tank

– Bin

– Repository

– Vessel

– Container

– Holder

– Receptacle

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Another term for accumulator is:

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Another term for accumulator is:

In the field of computer science, an accumulator is a type of register that stores the result of arithmetic and logical operations. However, in some contexts, it may also be referred to by other names. One related word that can be used as a synonym for accumulator is “summing register”. This term emphasizes the primary function of the accumulator, which is to accumulate or add up values. It is called a “summing register” because it keeps track of the sum of numbers or the cumulative result of mathematical operations.

Additionally, in certain programming languages or architectures, the accumulator may be called by other terms such as “accumulating variable” or “accumulating register”. These names convey a similar meaning, highlighting the accumulator’s role in accumulating data or results over time.

Therefore, while “accumulator” is the most commonly used term, it is not the only name for this element. The interchangeable use of terms like “summing register”, “accumulating variable”, or “accumulating register” allows for a more nuanced understanding and usage of the accumulator in different contexts.

Another name for accumulator is

Another term used to refer to an accumulator is a “battery” as it performs a similar function. Both the terms “accumulator” and “battery” are used interchangeably in various contexts.

An accumulator, or battery, is a device that stores energy in the form of potential energy. It stores and releases energy as needed, making it a crucial component in many technological applications.

The word “accumulator” is the more technical term, commonly used in the fields of engineering and mechanics. On the other hand, “battery” is a more familiar and everyday term used in consumer electronics and portable devices.

Regardless of the specific term used, both “accumulator” and “battery” serve the same purpose of storing and providing energy, whether it be in the form of electrical power or mechanical energy.

Question and Answer:

What is another term for accumulator?

Another term for accumulator is: storage register.

What is the synonym for accumulator?

Another synonym for accumulator is: buffer.

What is the related word for accumulator?

The related word for accumulator is: collector.

Can you tell me another term for accumulator?

Another term for accumulator is: accumulator register.

Is there another name for accumulator?

Yes, another name for accumulator is: accumulative register.

Is there another term for accumulator?

Yes, another term for accumulator is “reservoir”.